“Helping our clients focus on recovering from their personal injuries
while our law firm fights to handle the medical bills, vehicle repair,
paperwork, phone calls and hassles of putting a crash behind you.”


Direct and personalized access to the attorney of your case.


Maximum legal compensation is our goal on your behalf.


Over 25 years of experience in law, medicine and insurance.

Medical and scientific expertise providing legal advantage.

Our clients can rely on Crash-Law’s superior medical expertise, and extensive industry knowledge to benefit them in all services related to their claims. Our informational advantage generally fosters a cooperative, low-stress, atmosphere and is the preferred attorney client relationship for many. Our claims resolution techniques are highly effective and designed to outperform others so-called “hardball” tactics  which others often rely upon to compensate for their lacking of the full command of the scientific elements of medical claims that we at Crash-Law possess and leverage to provide maximum compensation for your case.

Dr. Jonathan Rosen, Esq.

California Licensed Doctor and Attorney

“We’re helping crash victims restore their normal lives by providing personalized attorney service for their medical recovery, vehicle repairs and legal compensation recoveries from those legally responsible for the crash.” ~Jonathan Rosen, Esq.

Teen Accidents from Distracted Driving soar

Automobile accidents from distracted teen drivers have been studied by the U.S. Government, Department of Transportation. Teens killed and injured from automobile accidents with at fault from distracted driving have been studied by the National Highway Traffic Safety...

Bicycle crashes safer with new tech helmets

Report in Popular Mechanics describes latest safety tech for bicycle accidents. New helmets now certified by Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) for helmets sold in the US. Set the standard for reducing concussions and head injuries in bicycle accidents. Look...

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