Billionaire Paul Allen’s, latest donation will expand his commitment to $500 million total for further brain research.  At a recent news conference Allen, the Microsoft co-founder with Bill Gates states: “As someone who has been touched by the impact of neurodegenerative diseases-my mother has Alzheimer’s -there’s both a fascination in basic research and the hope we can move things forward” 

See story as reported 3//22/12 from NY Times:

We thank and appreciate Mr Allen’s generous half billion dollar donation to better understand the brain with this new research.

At Rosen & Associates Attorneys at law, we counsel those suffering with the effects of head injuries including headaches, concussions, and PTSD. Car accidents can damage the brain leaving long term consequences. New research is throwing light on the subtle harmful effects of mild traumatic brain injuries such as reoccurring severe headaches, insomnia and decreased mental sharpness and memory.

Victims of car or motorcycle  crashes with head impacts must seek prompt medical attention. For moderate crashes without obvious bloody injuries, it is tempting to just wait and see if mild concussion, headaches, etc simply improve over time. However as medical science suggest, brain/head injuries cannot be ignored and one must avoid the  “walking wounded”  or “tough it out” old fashion approach.

As the new advances in medical research are discovering, Brain  neuron cells are very complex and their molecular machinery to process information critical. As the NY times article warns: Still, researchers have learned very little about the causes of brain disorders.

For those seeking legal help for accident car crash injuries, our office can help educate clients on important steps to assure proper medical care for head or brain injuries from a car crash. Prompt and reasonable medical care can also help insurance companies document injuries and provide for greater cash settlements without long claim delays or denials.

Most cases handled with “no out of pocket costs”- pay only if you win, contingency fee arrangement.

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