The Insurance Institute of Highway Safety has posted new 2012 car models safety ratings. Look up your new car before you buy!

The safety design features with today’s modern cars do work to prevent tragic and catastrophic injuries. However as attorneys helping crash victims honestly injured in vehicle accidents, we often see increased moderate injuries to the neck, back, head and shoulder with newer safety features designed for high speed crashes over 35 mph. Consequently, typical moderate speed crashes in local traffic, frequently produce more pain and suffering than with older cars. It is a design trade off, avoiding death at freeway speeds results in a car less capable for crashes occurring around town in slower traffic. Engineers explain, this relates to vehicle crumple tolerances and rigidity designed for 65 mph not 25 mph.

Accident attorneys must be familiar with this engineering compromise, which saves lives but results in the need for greater compensation to those accident victims with collisions under 35 mph. At Rosen and Associates, Attorneys at law our clients injury cases are properly analyzed for this engineering compromise.

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