The university of Utah Health Care published a medical study on August 14, 2014 warning about traumatic brain injury with the title Know The Signs of a Concussion. Car crashes can produce similar brain trauma as with sports. Even moderate automobile accidents can produce mild traumatic brain injury which is a type of concussion.

The study explains that a victim of trauma may not need to pass out or loose consciousness yet still have a concussion. The article lists signs and symptoms of concussions and traumatic brain injury. As attorneys working with Crash-Law our firm is specialized and trained in legal representation for victims of automobile accidents who suffer concussion and mild brain trauma from blows to the head.

Maximum compensation and financial recovery to those injured in automobile accidents can be provided if proper medical care is provided when symptoms and signs of concussion are recognized early after a crash. Please contact the attorneys at Crash-Law for a no cost consultation regarding a concussion case. Please call (424) 247-1205